"Rippercast" è un Podcast in lingua inglese presentato da Jonathan Menges e ospitato sulle pagine di

Il podcast è nato nel 2008 e da allora ha raccolto la miglior raccolta di interviste, recensioni, tavole rotonde con autori e ripperologi, resoconti su conferenze ed eventi relativi agli Omicidi di Whitechapel, Jack lo Squartatore e la storia britannica vittoriana ed altri argomenti affini.

Se siete interessati all'argomento, questo è sicuramente il Podcast che fa per voi.

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Episodes List


  1. Sudden Death: Robert Donston Stephenson
  2. Capturing the Victims: Photography and the Whitechapel Murders
  3. The Final Cut - The Whitechapel Murders in Radio, Film and Television
  4. Sour Grapes: Myths from the Whitechapel Murders
  5. The Barrister of Bright Talent: Montague John Druitt
  6. A Perfect Savage: The Murder of Martha Tabram
  7. The Tour Guide From Hell: Philip Hutchinson
  8. The Medium is the Message: with Stephen P. Ryder
  9. Is the Solution at Hand? With Stan Russo
  10. He is Not Dead but Liveth: The Thames Torso Murders
  11. The Police, the Jews and Jack the Ripper: with Martin Fido
  12. The East Ender: John Bennett
  13. Mitre Square Revisited: With Neil Bell
  14. The Song and Dance Man: Frogg Moody
  15. Paul Begg: A to Z
  16. One on One with Stan Russo
  17. Anything But Your Prayers: The Murder of Elizabeth Stride
  18. Pupils of the Abyss: With Prof. Lavaughn Towell
  19. The Gathering: The 2008 JtR Conference
  20. The Case in Progress: with Chris Scott
  21. The Ripper Scribes
  22. Jack in the Docks
  23. Blondes, Psychics and Abberline's Crutch
  24. Watching the Detectives
  25. A Portrait Of Francis Tumblety
  26. Still Warm: The Murder of Mary Ann Nichols
  27. Dorset Street: The Worst Street In London
  28. A Practical Joker: The Letters of 'Jack the Ripper'
  29. Kosminski Was The Suspect
  30. Reign of Terror: The Double Event
  31. A Clue in Whitechapel: The Goulston Street Graffito
  32. Scene Of A Crime: The Dutfields Yard Photograph
  33. The Life and Death of Mary Jane Kelly: Part 1
  34. The Life and Death of Mary Jane Kelly: Part 2
  35. Hutchinson, Will You Lend Me Sixpence?
  36. Young Druitt at Winchester - With Andrew Spallek
  37. Re-Investigating The Ripper: A Conversation with Trevor Marriott


  1. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Neil Storey: East End Tales of Ghosts, Grim Times & Dark Deeds
  2. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Chris Jones: Bruce & Florence: Busting the Conspiracy
  3. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Angela Buckley: Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders
  4. The Life and Times of the Yorkshire Ripper - Mikita Brottman at Rippercon
  5. Dr. Francis Tumblety: Amongst the Best Suspects - Michael Hawley at Rippercon
  6. Rippercon 2016: Jack the Ripper Suspect Panel
  7. An Incident at Oak Beach: Ripperologists look at LISK
  8. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents William Beadle on Stinie Morrison and the Murder of Leon Beron
  9. The Ripper, Sherlock Holmes & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Rippercon 2016
  10. The Forensic Time Machine - Looking Backwards: Charles Tumosa at Rippercon - Baltimore
  11. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Adam Wood - Swanson: A Year in the Casebook of a Victorian Detective
  12. Long Island Serial Killer: The Shannan Gilbert Autopsy Report
  13. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - Drew Gray
  14. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - Maxim Jakubowski
  15. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - Chris Payne
  16. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - David Wickes
  17. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - Prof Clive Emsley
  18. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - Ben Johnson
  19. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - Glenn Chandler
  20. Ripperologist Magazine 21st Birthday Conference - David Thompson
  21. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Clive Bloom: Dracula Meets the Ripper
  22. The Ripper's Haunts - An Interview with Michael Hawley
  23. 18882016 - Joanne Vigor-Mungovin on Joseph Merrick
  24. 18882016 - Neil Bell: Stories From H Division
  25. 18882016 - John Malcolm: Sir Robert's Revelation - A Definitely Ascertained Fact or Another Dead End?
  26. 18882016 - Neil Bell & Adam Wood: A History of the Metropolitan and City Police Orphanage


  1. Katherine Amin presents - Jack is a Feminist Issue: The Double Standard Through Time
  2. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Mick Priestley: Jack the Ripper - A Modern Day Investigation
  3. Joseph: The Life, Times and Places of The Elephant Man with Joanne Vigor-Mungovin
  4. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents David Thompson - The Church Without: A History of Christchurch, Spitalfileds
  5. Oh, Dear Boss with Karl Coppack & Ten Weeks In Whitechapel
  6. Poison and Poisoners: Linda Stratmann - The Scientific Poisoner
  7. Poison & Poisoners: Stephen Bates - The Prince of Poisoners: William Palmer and the Trial of the Century
  8. Ripper Confidential: One on one with Tom Wescott- Part 1
  9. Tumblety: The Hidden Truth
  10. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 1: The Whitechapel Murders: An Introduction
  11. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 2: Polly Nichols- See what a jolly bonnet I'm wearing- 31st August, 1888
  12. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Anthony Miller: A History of the Whitechapel Mission
  13. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 3: The Murder of Annie Chapman: 'Will You?' - 8th September, 1888
  14. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 4: The Double Event- 'You Would Say Anything But Your Prayers' - 30th September, 1888
  15. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 5: "Dear Boss": The Alleged Letters and Writings of the Ripper
  16. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 6: 'The Work of the Devil': The Murder of Mary Jane Kelly- 9th November, 1888 
  17. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 7: Aaron, Montague, Michael and Francis- The Police Suspects
  18. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 8: You've Got Jack the Ripper At Last- The Contemporary Suspects
  19. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 9: Post Kelly Ripperology & Conclusions
  20. 10 Weeks In Whitechapel - Week 10: Series Wrap Up: Cast Discussion
  21. Ripper Confidential Part One - Bonus Topic: The Goulston Street Graffito
  22. H.H. Holmes: The True History of the White City Devil with Adam Selzer
  23. East End Conference 2017 - Tom Wescott: Reading Between the Lines
  24. East End Conference 2017- The Everyday Humble Hero in the Age of Jack the Ripper
  25. East End Conference 2017 - Charlotte Mallinson: In the Name of Jack: Rethinking Victimhood in Representations of the Whitechapel Murders
  26. East End Conference 2017- Karl Coppack: Ten Weeks In Whitechapel- A New Way of Telling the Story
  27. East End Conference 2017 - Mark Ripper: The Trial of Israel Lipski
  28. Andrew Firth: Ripperland
  29. Ripper Confidential Part 2 with Tom Wescott: The Murder of Elizabeth Stride
  30. Oh, Dear Boss: Ripperology and the Maybrick Diary and more Ripperology
  31. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Mock Trials and Retrials with George Fleming
  32. Jack the Ripper and Western New York: A presentation by Michael Hawley and Brian Young
  33. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Gyles Brandreth & Jack the Ripper: Case Closed


  1. Ripper Fiction Roundtable Discussion
  2. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents David Bullock and The Man Who Would Be Jack
  3. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Diane Janes and Death at Wolf's Nick: The Killing of Evelyn Foster
  4. Jack the Ripper Suspects: A Conversation with Paul Williams
  5. Bernard Beaule: Tumblety- Historical and Criminal Evidence Issues
  6. Chris Jones - The Maybricks of Liverpool
  7. False Flag: Jack the Ripper - an interview with Stephen Senise
  8. One on One with Stephen Senise
  9. Michael Hawley and Jack the Ripper Suspect- Dr. Francis Tumblety
  10. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Louis Berk- A Whitechapel Eye: My Photographic Journey 2004-2018
  11. Oh, Dear Boss: The Lighter Side of John Malcolm
  12. Colin Wilson - Jack the Ripper Conference in Ipswich 1996
  13. Oh, Dear Boss: The Ripper Had All The Luck
  14. Dr. Louise Raw: "Striking a Light- East End Women"
  15. Joyce Hampton: "The Huguenots: From Victims to Saviours"
  16. Whitechapel Society 1888 presents John Malcolm: 25 Years of Adventure, Introspection & Exasperation
  17. The Fisherton History Society presents Frogg Moody: Jack the Ripper - A Concise History
  18. Martin Fido at the Cloak & Dagger Club- December 1995
  19. Robin Odell at the Cloak & Dagger Club - February 2001
  20. 2018 East End Conference: Louis Berk
  21. 2018 East End Conference: Emelyne Godfrey
  22. 2018 East End Conference: Tracy I'Anson
  23. 2018 East End Conference: Philip Hutchinson
  24. 2018 East End Conference: Adam Wood
  25. 2018 East End Conference: Drew Gray
  26. Donald Rumbelow at the Cloak & Dagger Club - October 1999
  27. Oh, Dear Boss: The Enterprising London Journalist
  28. Hallie Rubenhold: "The Lives of the Canonical Five"


  1. Whitechapel Society presents Bob Hinton in Conversation with Karl Coppack
  2. Rippercast Reviews 'The Five' by Hallie Rubenhold
  3. Professor Turi King on the Eddowes Shawl Paper
  4. Whitechapel Society presents Jo Vigor-Mungovin on Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man
  5. LBC Radio 20 August 2003 with Jeremy Beadle, Paul Begg, Paul Feldman, Andy Aliffe and Christopher-Michael DiGrazia
  6. Oh, Dear Boss - So you want to be a rock and roll star?
  7. Audio Archives: The Maybrick Diary- Paul Feldman at the Cloak & Dagger Club 7 January 1995
  8. Audio Archives: Mike Barrett on BBC Radio Merseyside 13 & 20 Sept 1995
  9. Audio Archives: Shirley Harrison on BBC Radio Merseyside 27 Sept 1995
  10. Audio Archives: Anne Graham on BBC Radio Merseyside 4 Oct 1995
  11. Audio Archives: Paul Feldman on BBC Radio Merseyside 11 & 18 Oct 1995
  12. Inside Bucks Row: An Interview with Steve Blomer
  13. The Whitechapel Murders of 1888: Another Dead End? with John Malcolm
  14. Whitechapel Society presents Steve Blomer: Bucks Row Inside Out
  15. Profiling The Ripper
  16. Down Among the Dead Men: Ruby Vitorino Moody at the 2019 Salisbury History Festival
  17. A Cast of Thousands- Dr. John Morgan Hopkins
  18. Audio Archives: The Maybrick Diary- Paul Feldman at the Cloak & Dagger Club-February 1998
  19. Audio Archives: Martin Fido on BBC Radio Cornwall 1993
  20. Audio Archives: The Maybrick Diary- Shirley Harrison at the Cloak & Dagger Club, 8 August 1998
  21. 2019 East End Conference: Richard Jones
  22. 2019 East End Conference: M.J. Trow
  23. 2019 East End Conference: Sarah Beth Hopton
  24. 2019 East End Conference: Mark Ripper
  25. 2019 East End Conference: Drew Gray
  26. 2019 East End Conference: Trevor Bond
  27. 2019 East End Conference: Jon Horlor
  28. 2019 East End Conference: Louise Raw
  29. Further Adventures in Ripperology - with Dr. Drew Gray
  30. Audio Archives: The Maybrick Diary - Michael Barrett at the Cloak & Dagger Club, April 1999
  31. A Cast of Thousands - Mary Jane Rees
  32. Whitechapel Society presents Dr. Elizabeth Yardley on the Public's Fascination with Serial Killers
  33. Whitechapel Society presents A Discourse on Ripper Street